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yoga?... yoga shmoga!

There is so much information available on the subject, that ironically, the simple practise of yoga has, today, become incredibly confusing. I am going to explain what it means to me and I will endeavour to keep it simple.

From the moment you connect with your breath, your yoga practise commences. This may be during meditation, or during the practise of asanas (exercises/ postures), or this may be whilst preparing food, or eating your meal, driving, working...as long as you are in the present moment, keeping yourself connected, you are practising yoga.

For yoga is a complete way of life.

Yoga is not just isolating your physical body and transforming it into some extreme bendy position. This is what many westerners still believe it to be. Yes, it was originally 'packaged' over from the east to the west, and inaccurately promoted as a form of exercise which develops a flexible stretchy physical body. Inaccurately? yes, because this physical exercise is only a tiny part of what yoga is all about.

However, I am not knocking that...it was, in fact, good that this happened - because as long as you have opened the door labeled 'yoga', and you maintain regular practise, then you will eventually discover the true meaning of yoga which is: to yoke. To join. To unite. Body and mind. With. Self.

The result? See for your Self...

discover yoga
discover your ...self

yippee yoga... yippee life!