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I currently teach yippee yoga for children at various primary schools in the Cambridgshire area.

These are run either as part of the school curriculum or as after-school clubs. They have proven to be extremely popular with the children.

The sessions -which last 45 minutes- are made up of various fun energetic yogic routines specifically designed for children of all ages. Through the traditional yogic moves, the children are given the opportunity to discover and develop - physically, mentally, emotionally - all in a subconscious way. By strengthening mind and self-belief, the children evolve to the best of their ability as they embrace themselves fully and discover inner contentment.

The session always ends with a lovely quiet relaxation period during which time the children begin to understand the beauty of silence of the mind. The children have told me, time and time again that this is their favourite part of yoga.

If you are interested in having yippee yoga at your school, please contact me by clicking the button!

Socrates said: "know thyself"

...let's give children this opportunity!

yippee yoga...yippee life!