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When I was 18, I had a eureka! moment...
I was standing squished on a seriously over-crowded London underground train. It was rush-hour on a hot summer's afternoon; the scents were overpowering and the energy felt electric: charged with negativity. For none of us wanted to be, underground, on this train.  I squeezed myself into a corner and leaned against the door. For a few moments I closed my eyes. I breathed deeply and suddenly felt this, what I can only describe as... 'connection'. As I looked into the darkness and into myself, I was aware of my physical body encompassing... yes, holding this energy...my energy! I suddenly understood that the real me was inside this 'shell' of my body.  I felt this sense of deep calm seep into my entire being...I was floating...I was on a soft fluffy white cloud...I was...well...I didn't know exactly..there are no words suitable to describe the beautiful sense of serenity that filled me. 

I opened my eyes only to see the same sticky, hot and fed-up faces staring blankly back at me, their bodies swaying gently side to side in rhythm with the moving train. It was then I knew. I just knew...that we were so much more than our bodies. I knew that peace lay within us all. I knew that happiness was within. 

I felt alive and so excited! I wanted to tell everyone.  I tried.  I said: "If you close your eyes..then you can experience you! Inside is the real you!" but my words came out all wrong as I was too young to understand and know how to describe what I had experienced.  I attempted to tell a few people but no one comprehended.  With time, I stopped talking about my eureka moment altogether. 

Many years later I was to experience that amazing feeling again. This time I was in a room full of people at a yoga center.  I was no longer alone; we were all feeling it...we were all experiencing meditation.  

it is no easier to still the mind 
than it is to still the wind
discover inner stillness 

MariaElena xxx