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I will be in London this weekend - Saturday 20th October - lecturing as part of the Freestyle Fitness Yoga  (Level 3 qualification).  I will be discussing bandhas, mudras, pranayama and meditation. I will also be doing a practical session. I am really looking forward to it. For more information on the FFY contemporary approach to yoga click on the link.

love n' light

MariaElena x


26th, 27th and 28th October 2012

London Olympia

This annual event provides an update on the latest yogic trends available, together with a mix of traditional and ever-evolving yoga training, lectures, demonstrations, sessions. 

With over 200 exhibitors, including children's yoga, teacher training, taster sessions and huge amounts of 'stuff' to buy (jewelry, yogawear, books, incenses, mats, bag to name but a few), the experience can be somewhat exhausting. However, having done this every year for too-many-to-count years, I would suggest you plan your day(s). 

Make sure you request a brochure to be sent (or order online) to your home address. Highlight your particular interests. Book in for a couple of free (or paid) workshops and lectures, observe some inspirational (free) demonstrations and take a leisurely wander around the stands. 

Do take a few deep breaths in order to avoid getting sucked in by all the yogic materialism (a paradox in itself!). Easily done. It has happened to me in the past when I have left the event with a huge headache and a bag full of things that I did not need!

The energy and the egos may sometimes run high; however if you approach the event aware of this and take the time to look beyond the ballyhoo, then you can actually have a lovely down-to-earth yogic experience. 

Definitely recommend it.

Om shanti 

MariaElena xx 


Great news for all our Yippee Yoga fans: we have a new website!

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