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“Today’s society moves at a rapid pace. Business meetings happen before breakfast, lunch-hours are a thing of the past. We are, in the immortal words of Madonna, ‘living in a material world’. Children are becoming millionaires using their bedroom computers – the desire to succeed has never been stronger.”

This recent newspaper article accurately sums up the way of life today. It may appear a bit overwhelming that this is the path we are paving for our children, but on a more positive note there has been a lot of talk about ways to improve ourselves from a more simplistic perspective. Going back to basics is now the latest trend. We are told to exercise more, eat healthy foods, find ways to relax and de-stress.
In fact, the message in general, is to slow down the pace of our lives. This is indeed a step forward and absolutely fundamental to our health and well-being. It is of paramount importance for our future and to our future: our children.

It is all well and good to succeed in the material world but there needs to be a balance. At last we can see the sense of having harmony and peace in our lives. But how do we go about getting this? Yoga can show our children the way!

I have been practising yoga for the over twenty five years and I honestly wish I had known about it as a child. It has now become my way of life. It is not just about being physically fit and toned and healthy (although that is definitely a huge bonus); it is about seeing life in a positive way - accepting the things you can’t change and changing the things you can. Problems become challenges that can be overcome. With less to worry about there is less illness. Over time I personally have been able to feel a connection between my body and mind: a healthy body and a positive mind allow me to feel the calm and inner peace that we are all gifted with but are too busy to take the time to reach in to.

After the arrival of my own two children eighteen years ago - my life changed dramatically. My personal yoga practise was affected as my little ones would clamber all over me, watching and giggling, as I wobbled in my headstand or shoulder-stand. I had no choice but to practise yoga with my children!

Over thirteen years ago I started teaching yoga at primary schools. I was thrilled with the results: the children absolutely love it. We balance the sessions dancing to music to warm up the body, taking themed 'journeys' using asanas (yogic postures) and introducing body awareness using yogic games. We finish off by practising simple relaxation techniques so that the children emerge feeling calm and content.

I recommend everyone bring yoga into their little one’s lives; let them unfold the secret to a truly happy life.

give your child the greatest gift...
permit them to remain free
and true to them selves

yippee yoga...yippee life!