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Seated yoga is available as one-to-one sessions. there may be a need for an initial assessment as carer's assistance may be required.

The focus is to create a connection with mind and body however limited the physical movement may be.

breathing techniques are vital to this practise with encouragement to breathe out negativity and breathe in life.

the breath work opens up the energy centres to allow the prana (life-force) to flow freely throughout the body resulting in an increase in energy levels and an uplifted and clear mind.

the physical yogic moves are beneficial in many ways. Not only is flexibility and strength to upper body enhanced, but there is a gentle stimulation of internal organs to aid the elimination of toxins thereby rebalancing the entire digestive system.

The spine is lengthened and opened and this aids in flow of spinal fluid throughout the body improving mobility of limbs.

MOst important of all is the effect that the regular practise of yoga has on the mind: to encourage self-acceptance, self-regard and self-love.

the session ends with lovely moments of meditation enabling you to embrace the beautiful gifts we are all blessed with and leaving you with a deep inner sense of calm.

we create our own reality...

make it a good one

yippee yoga...yippee life!