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If you are interested in attending yoga or one of the meditation courses, but are unsure about committing, please have a look at some of the recent testimonials which may help you make your decision.

Thank you to those of your who have contributed.

Much love and gratitude💗 xxxx

 Please have a look at the testimonial page to see some of the lovely drawings and comments that the yoga kids have expressed at our final session before the summer holidays.  We will miss all the children that are moving to secondary school and I wish them all the best. Keep up with your yoga practise! ... and I look forward to seeing the rest of the regular yoginis (and hopefully some new additions) in the Autumn term. Namaste 😊🙏
Namaste ॐ

I am writing to confirm the next set of dates for evening yoga sessions at Buckden. These will run from Thursday 2nd - 30th April from 7.30pm-9pm. Blankets and mats are provided.

The yoga room can be quite cool during final relaxation however some of the sequences can be powerful making you feel rather warm; I therefore recommend you wear layers especially as we move into spring and hopefully warmer weather!

These next few weeks I will be introducing sequences and flows for balance and renewal, the happy heart flow and discovering power in simplicity. In each session we are exploring the physical body and releasing limitations placed on it by the mind. As we learn to breathe out the limitations you will be pleasantly surprised to see how the physical body performs. As you deepen your physical strength creating harmony and well-being in your body you will feel alive and rejuvenated. Focussing on the power of the transformational breath will always bring you clarity and a sense of calm.

You do not have to be a regular practitioner to join us, just an open mind is required. Please can you let me know if you would like to be part of these sessions.

I have also been asked by many people about taking an evening meditation course. As such, I am looking at starting a 5 week Introduction of Meditation course this Spring, sometime in May.
The course is set out in a way that demystifies meditation; it offers simple tools and techniques which will enable you to bring this practice into your everyday life. It explains the benefits that 'touching the inner stillness' will bring to both your body and mind. It will awaken you fully to WHO you really are; as you discover this, you will begin to live your life in a alignment with your True self. If you are interested, please contact me for an information pack.
98% of the population spend 98% of their time doing things that do not matter.
Make your life matter - discover your True self.

Please feel free to contact me with any relevant questions or comments. I am updating my website and would love any feedback from you. Please email me with your views so I can add to my website - I am happy to add your name to your comments if you wish.

I look forward to seeing you next Thursday 2nd April.

Love and light as always🙏
om shanti om peace om

MariaElena xxx

A payment of £40 is requested to be paid on the first evening of session either by cash or cheque to M Cusick. Unfortunately I cannot offer a refund
for any non-attendance, however if you miss more than three sessions in one block booking then I would be happy to carry these over to next time should you wish to return. ॐ


This weekend I spent the most wonderful four days with David Sye - creator of Yogabeats. 

The Yogabeats course was the best yoga course I have ever been on! The asana sequences are performed to a choice of fabulous funky music which produces a major yogic workout, awakening muscles in my body that had become too dormant. The music is carefully selected; in more tranquil moments magical, haunting sounds are offered, enabling you to soften your body entirely; tuning in to the music and tuning in to the Self.

David is so inspiring, uplifting and motivational. His fresh and totally honest approach to life means that his talks are direct and powerful yet a quiet reminder that we are all LOVE. That is the simplicity of it. 

Our group was beautiful; we were family reunited. The immediate intimate relationship we were encouraged to form amongst ourselves was healing and cleansing and ...totally transformational.  My eyes were opened to so much about myself and I was reminded to listen to my inner teacher;  most of all it reminded me that once you commence the yogic journey, it doesnt matter how you connect with your Self as long as you connect and ...remember. Remember who you really are and the love will flow....Nothing else matters.

Yogabeats takes the rigidity out of traditional yoga and enables you to feel truly liberated as your yoga practise becomes totally true to Self.  

Thank you David! Thank you Yogabeats! Thank you to my newfound family! 

love you all xxx 

om shanti om peace 

click on the link to find out more information about Yogabeats! I thoroughly recommend it! x


I am introducing a new system for attending the drop-in meditation sessions. 

A meditation pass can be purchased at a cost of £35. This entitles you to 5 meditation sessions with the 6th session being womderfully FREE!  The session must be booked minimum three days in advance. Only cancellations made 24 hours beforehand will be fully refunded.

Alternatively if you wish to attend without a pass, you must contact me at least the day before to ensure that there is availability - if there are spaces, then you are most welcome to join us! The cost without a pass is £9. 


Yippee! Yay! and Namaste

I have managed to find a beautiful cosy barn located in the Woodwalton area (ten minutes from Buckden and Brampton and Alconbury area). 

Yippee Yoga will be offering meditation workshops/courses and regular yoga sessions. 

  • Blankets and mats provided
  • Light refreshments available
  • small classes - individual attention

Please contact me ASAP to register your interest. 



I will be in London this weekend - Saturday 20th October - lecturing as part of the Freestyle Fitness Yoga  (Level 3 qualification).  I will be discussing bandhas, mudras, pranayama and meditation. I will also be doing a practical session. I am really looking forward to it. For more information on the FFY contemporary approach to yoga click on the link.

love n' light

MariaElena x


26th, 27th and 28th October 2012

London Olympia

This annual event provides an update on the latest yogic trends available, together with a mix of traditional and ever-evolving yoga training, lectures, demonstrations, sessions. 

With over 200 exhibitors, including children's yoga, teacher training, taster sessions and huge amounts of 'stuff' to buy (jewelry, yogawear, books, incenses, mats, bag to name but a few), the experience can be somewhat exhausting. However, having done this every year for too-many-to-count years, I would suggest you plan your day(s). 

Make sure you request a brochure to be sent (or order online) to your home address. Highlight your particular interests. Book in for a couple of free (or paid) workshops and lectures, observe some inspirational (free) demonstrations and take a leisurely wander around the stands. 

Do take a few deep breaths in order to avoid getting sucked in by all the yogic materialism (a paradox in itself!). Easily done. It has happened to me in the past when I have left the event with a huge headache and a bag full of things that I did not need!

The energy and the egos may sometimes run high; however if you approach the event aware of this and take the time to look beyond the ballyhoo, then you can actually have a lovely down-to-earth yogic experience. 

Definitely recommend it.

Om shanti 

MariaElena xx 


Great news for all our Yippee Yoga fans: we have a new website!

You can now read up on our latest news, see what customers have had to say, view our gallery and contact us with just the click of a button.