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sivandana retreat, paradise island bahamas

I chose Paradise Island in the Bahamas to do my Sivananda Yoga teacher training. It is the ideal place to connect with natural beauty and to simply discover yourself.

I visited the island in January 1998 and stayed for a total of six weeks. The first four were doing my TTC (teacher training course) where we, the students, literally breathed in every aspect of yoga. It was fantastic and challenging and definitely life-changing. The final two weeks were spent practising karma yoga (selfless service) during which time I helped out at the retreat whenever required. I also managed to find time to indulge and totally relax, soaking up the island's tropical beauty, swimming in one of the most gorgeous beaches in the world. 
Nutritious, flavorful vegetarian food and lovely facilities make for a perfect combination to inspire the practise of yoga. 

Workshops, courses, retreats, yoga vacations are offered all year round. I strongly recommend a visit. 


sumeru yoga retreat, paphos, cyprus

This summer in July 2012, I went on a wonderful yoga retreat at the stunning location of Sumeru Yoga Retreat on the outskirts of Paphos, Cyprus. 

This beautiful retreat is run by Neelu and Anil Sharma. It caters mainly for individual persons or small groups not exceeding four in number. 

The yoga is beginner/intermediate level and Neelu is a gentle and lovely teacher who thoughtfully tailors the sessions to suit your individual needs; this was perfect for me. Other teachers are also invited to instruct, offering variety to the invigorating daily yoga sessions.  All of the yoga is practised outdoors, overlooking the horizon on one side and the stunning mountain range on the other. At all times you feel truly connected with nature.

The evening meditation sessions are uplifting and inspiring. Guest teachers are once again invited to share their meditation styles. This makes for a great combination of learning through experiencing and exploration of new meditative techniques.

There is plenty of free time to go for walks, relax by the pool or go down to the pretty beaches in the neighbouring villages.

The food is absolutely deliciously tasty and wonderfully healthy. Because Neelu practises ayurvedic cooking, there is a perfect balance of ingredients. By the end of my stay, my body felt nourished yet cleansed and light. Neelu offers a course in ayurvedic cooking upon which I embarked - this was both highly informative and so much fun. I have incorporated some yummy recipes into my regular diet.

The photos are no where near as spectacular as the real thing. I strongly suggest you take time to totally rest and re-energise at the  Sumeru Yoga Retreat.  I came back to the UK feeling the most alive I had felt in a long while. I will definitely be returning!

some wonderful memories of Sumeru Yoga Retreat - June 2012

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