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I am not going to beat about the bush here: teenagers today have it pretty tough.

There are so many choices and decisions to make in a world that has become so materialistic and over stimulated that this particular generation is finding it hard to know how to stop.

On top of the non-stop stimulation, the pressure to be beautiful, famous, rich and successful has sadly led to some deeply unhappy young people.

Cyber bullying is rife and the rate of obesity, anorexia, depression, anxiety, self-harming, suicides, anger issues, binge drinking and drug taking is on the increase.

We must help our future generation find a sense of balance and peace.

The yogic workout for teenagers is high impact - performing the asanas to a choice of modern up-to-date music. This allows the release of inhibitions and as the teenagers begin to connect with the music they - subtly - begin to connect with them Self. Powerful breath work exercises oxygenate the body at a deep cellular level encouraging a deep cleanse of the physical system. As the body begins to release toxins, stale and stagnant energy it begins to let go of tightness and tension. The body feels light and free yet incredibly strong and grounded.

During the final relaxation, magical and tranquil sounds are offered enabling the body to completely soften and to resume its natural healing process.

The teen yoga sessions are designed to encourage teenagers to open their eyes; to understand that they are PERFECT just the way they are. They begin to tap into their inner wisdom and inner strength thus developing a confidence that no one can ever teach. They begin to listen to their inner teacher. They soon see that this life journey belongs to them and it is always their choice to awaken to who they truly are.

Once they realise this, there is a tremendous respect for Self. No, not out of obligation but because they feel the love within: from themselves to themselves. As they set themselves free from the restrictions and 'made-up stories' in their heads, they realise that they have the potential to create whatever 'reality' they wish.

These kids have an amazing light within and are able to lead the way. A new way.
Admittedly, our systems are seriously flawed anyway.
Surely it is time we moved over a little and started to listen respectfully to the young people.
We must permit them to be free to express the goodness within.

As a society, we will all benefit from that goodness.

The human ego will always loudly shout that there is something wrong with you like:
"you're not quite there yet!"

Yet the human spirit softly whispers:
"you totally rock!"

The choice of who you want to listen to is your own.
David Sye

self love
self respect

yippee yoga...yippee life!