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Thank you so much for your generosity providing such a wonderful meditation course. My life has improved significantly because of you. With gratitude
Thank you so much for a wonderful introduction to meditation. You truly are a great teacher - I have thoroughly enjoyed it and know I will continue with meditation.
Thank you for a lovely year of YOGA! I love coming to your classes; I can relate to every word you say. You have changed the way I look at life for the better. I was feeling very lost when I joined; but I feel back on track. Thanks to your words.
Amanda Emmerson
A very enriching, uplifting experience. I really enjoyed the course and got a lot out of it. Being a weekly course, it got me into the habit of meditation. It was an excellent way to get balance, perspective and insight especially if you are experiencing stressful or turbulent times. It was a beautiful time that I looked forward to each week.
Donna Morton

I really just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for offering me the opportunity to embark on the journey of meditation, self discovery and self empowerment. The 6 week course we have just completed was an absolute joy and has been the deepest dive I have ever taken into the exploration of myself. And its a journey that has sparked such excitement that I know will continue and grow. But it wouldn't have been possible without you. You are an absolute gift to me and I have huge gratitude for knowing you, being able to get to know you better and for being able to learn from you.

I can’t begin to tell you the difference your influence and teaching has had on my life already. My partner has seen it and is amazed! I see it, and am now calm and peaceful, way more than I used to be. I always knew I had some work to do and that meditation was the solution, but never knew where to start, you gave me that start.
Christine Jackson
I signed up for this course as it couldn’t have come at a better time in my life. I was very sceptical whether or not I could do it or whether I would feel any different, yet I remained open minded to give it a try.
Week by week I got more excited, I would wish the week away till it was time to go again.
Like most people life does get in the way so finding time for extra things can be difficult but once I committed to those tiny 20 mins a day to meditate I really started to feel the difference. And when I got a good meditation in it feels so wonderful like you have been set free of worry and stress.
MariaElena is a wonderful person and teacher whose voice alone is enough to put you at peace and complete comfort. Her passion and her words when she describes this experience cannot be forced, it’s all over the smile on her face.
The course was well broken down with stages to complete week by week. The course handouts are great because I can just read them over and over.
Since the course I have a lot more calm peaceful energy and I handle negative energy whether it’s from me or others in a much better way. I can truly say that I do love the new me. And we do need to love ourselves, after all love does start with you.
I recommend this course over and over and I will continue my practice and have already signed up for more experiences with MariaElena. Make time for YOU
Gilly B

I have been attending MariaElenas yoga classes for almost 2 years now, and I am hooked! I have attended other classes in the past but never before has a yoga teacher inspired me to stick with them and continue to attend classes. I try to go most Friday mornings as I need my ‘yoga fix’ – there is just something about the whole atmosphere of her classes – the minute you enter the room there is an air of friendliness and support. I always remember the first time I went to a class with MariaElena she greeted me with her gorgeous smile and made me feel completely at ease. The other attendees are delightful too and I enjoy our friendly get togethers over coffee afterwards!

The class is always tailored to fit everyone’s needs, you don’t need to have attended a yoga class before as MariaElena will make sure that you are looked after and put you at ease. So you can be a complete beginner and still enjoy the class.

I would recommend yoga with MariaElena to everyone – it certainly makes me feel more at peace and better able to cope with life’s challenges! It is of course great exercise too!
Leaving MariaElena's yoga/mediation classes you find yourself walking a little taller, more receptive to bird song and things going on around you and for a while the world seems a better place. I would highly recommend these sessions to anyone whatever their age.
Mr and Mrs F
Me and my husband joined Yippee Yoga for only a short period of time
as we moved out of Kimbolton, but in the short time we were members it
left us with a long lasting result. My father had died a few months
before and it was my husbands suggestion to join Yippee Yoga to help
me relax etc. Meeting Maria-Elena and starting yoga was a great
experience for me as it gave me a lot of clarity and also helped me
become stronger and more flexible. Her yoga sessions were always
different and always had a purpose and were not just about exercise
but were also about finding yourself. My husband and I have tried
many different classes since we moved to Leicestershire but not a
single one compares to Maria-Elena. We wished we lived closer so we
could go back!!

"MariaElena is an amazing women to me personally I consider her a saving angel - she reminded me who I Am. Through simple tools and skilled expertise and an amazing way with her teaching and coaching methods, always considerate of individual and class needs, and some dedication, realisations and regular practice - I was able to shed a weight that I carried and restore myself.

I have been into fitness and training for some time and have practiced yoga before. At the time of meeting MariaElena I was piecing myself back together from a wreck I had fast been become. I stopped what I was doing and started to look to myself for the cause and root causes of my problems. So to walk into one of MariaElena's classes and be coached through this through the practice of yoga and meditation... no counselling ...just releasing and cleansing myself from within... I started to let go piece by piece the trauma and pain and issues my body held... In the relaxation sessions, I'd secretly be weeping as I finally started to let go.

I train with a lot of different people and always come back to MariaElena's classes when am in St. Neots. Yoga can save lives... MariaElena is knowledgeable and amazingly fantastic at what she does. It is sad that many people will not be able to find the time to really know, just how much one breath can be and do.

Her vision to start a Yoga Centre should be wholeheartedly supported as I can hand on heart say, I may not be here today if I hadn't walked into MariaElena's Yoga class this time last year. Not to mention the 20+ years committed and striving to helping others through the practice of Yoga. The number of lives MariaElena has made a positive impact on, must be huge".
Gaynor HM
“I thoroughly enjoy the yoga sessions with “Yippee Yoga” and have to say that these two hours are like a little haven of peace within my usual chaos of being a self-employed working mum! It really is a much needed opportunity to concentrate on my own personal emotional/mental and physical health when life is so busy, that it helps me to get through those more challenging times. I look forward to each session and really notice the difference when I have to miss a week. “
Susie T

"Just over a year ago I found myself looking for a way to help improve my fitness and flexibility. I tried a few options but none really helped, and then I stumbled across Yippee Yoga’s web page, and so the journey begun. MariaElena has a wonderfully sympathetic and intuitive way of teaching, her enthusiasm, passion and open-heartedness spills over into her sessions, that inspire one to embrace all aspects of this practice, mind, body, spirit and cosmos. She is also an accomplished guide into the art of meditation, reminding us that even in the most chaotic of environments we can find our own inner peace. "
Sarah M

I have been practising yoga and meditation for about 7 years. It has become a massive part of my life and I could never be without it. My journey started practising yoga with MariaElena about 6 years ago. I had been through a very traumatic time after losing my husband and trying to support my family. My yoga sessions were part of my grieving process along with a meditation course run by MariaElena I spent many sessions after yoga crying and letting out the grief in a way that I had never experienced before. It was and is my way of dealing with the pain and feelings of depression. I could have easily visited the doctor and been given antidepressants, but chose to deal with this by practising yoga and meditation. It was the best decision I have ever made and I will continue to do this. MariaElena's idea of a special place to practice and meditate is amazing and could change people's lives in such a way they will never look back.
Ella M
After leaving university due to depression and high levels and anxiety. It was recommended that i try exercise as part of my recovery. Maria Elena's classes have played a massive role in my journey and has changed my life in the most positive way possible.

The classes have the perfect balance of mindfulness and exercise. You walk into the room and there is a lovely relaxing environment, and you are welcomed with kindness and love from Maria Elena.

I always leave feeling relaxed and ready for the week ahead. Just for that hour an a half my mind is still.. no anxiety or thinking of the negative. Yoga has been perfect for me to just switch off. Gradually I have become more flexible through the gradual sequences of movements which in turn has helped my back and shoulders. I tended to tense my shoulders when i felt stress so the feel the release has helped me in day to day life.

My favourite part of the class is when Maria Elena explains to us that a lotus needs mud in order to bloom which really resinates with me. We need the hard moments in life to grow and thrive.

YipeeYoga has uplifted my life in the most positive way possible.
Anna K
I moved to Bedfordshire 30 months ago and then looked around for a good yoga teacher. After trying out various other classes, I visited MarieElena's Yipee Yoga class and found my spiritual home there.
MarieElena teaches a class which is always responsive to the needs of the students, both beginners and those who are more experienced. The format of the class changes from week to week ... not dramatically different but just enough to keep it fresh. I particularly appreciate her focus on breathing and mindfulness, she continually encourages her students to centre.
Thankyou MarieElena, you are a lovely person and a great teacher.
Tracy L
Mariaelena is a wonderful and truly inspirational yoga teacher. I always leave her classes feeling uplifted, reinvigorated and ready to face the world again. Mariaelena's classes are not just about the physical aspects of yoga, in fact feeling strong and flexible is almost a side effect from the mental well being that comes from following her practice. Mariaelena is so good at both challenging and supporting her students through every step and the atmosphere she creates is so calming and yet energising as well as fun. I feel really blessed to have found a teacher like Mariaelena, she has truly changed my life and I recommend her classes to anyone who shows an interest in yoga.
Sarah P
I have been practising yoga on and off for about 14 years. During that time, I have enjoyed learning with Maria Elena Cusick of Yippee Yoga. She is an inspirational practitioner and teacher with a true and honest desire to help her classes to help themselves by learning to heal from within through yoga. Maria Elena is intuitive to the needs of all individuals within a class and encourages everyone to challenge themselves safely at their own pace. Classes begin gently usually with a breathing exercise, followed by a series of deeper and more challenging movements always explained and demonstrated fully, before a long final relaxation including an opportunity for reflection.
However frazzled and tired I feel beforehand, from the moment the class begins, mindfulness begins too and a period of time to be at peace. I believe that as humans, we have not evolved to multi-task, boasting about how much we can cram into a microsecond; with Yippee Yoga it is possible to learn to appreciate what we already have achieved by looking inside ourselves.

I can't tell you how much MariaElena's classes have helped me. They offer the perfect antidote to the stress and anxieties of modern life. Her philosophy of honesty, kindness and integrity shines through in everything she does.
I work in the medical profession myself and am very well aware of the impact that lifestyle has on people's fitness and wellbeing. MariaElena's approach empowers us all to be able make healthy choices. If only everyone could do these classes!
Val T

I've been looking for some much needed peace in my life and a sense of well being, a friend suggested I go to yippeeyoga with her, for which I am eternally grateful to Marialena for this class as she has taught me to trust myself physically and mentally, yoga isn't just about being able to bend , stretch , although I do find some positions a little hard but i have only just started this course, but I already know how much these yoga sessions have helped me, physically I am able to sleep again on my right side as the pain I used to have in my shoulder although it still hurts it's so much better, (I'm hoping in time the pain will go ) I practice breathing when I feel stressed and it works so much so I'm a calmer person. So thank you yippeeyoga Marialena x
Ken L
I regularly attend a gym for cardiovascular and weight training exercises. My overall flexibility, however, was not improving, and I decided to add yoga to my regime.

I joined MariaElena’s yoga group approximately 2 years ago. The results have been impressive and I continue to improve. MariaElena’s classes are well suited for beginners as well as those with more experience. The sessions are arranged to ensure they are a continuous challenge to all the participants, irrespective of their ability.

Many thanks to MariaElena for her guidance. I wish I had started many years ago!
Debbie W
"I highly recommend MariaElenas yoga classes. MariaElena is a wonderful, kind teacher; her classes give me a chance to shake of the stress of the week and I come out feeling positive, confident, healthy and refreshed. They have been a huge benefit to me, and I have seen improvements to my physical strength and mental health. I now have the tools to cope with stress and anxiety, and I can think of numerous times recently when I have successfully used skills learnt in yoga to help me deal with stress when I felt otherwise unable to cope – I cannot overstate what a comfort it is, having these skills.

When I started going to yippee yoga classes, my aim was just to take my first tentative steps into the wider world, having been so isolated in motherhood with young children, it was a huge step to do anything for myself and get out of the house – to me that was a huge step. However, I found the classes so enriching, both physically and mentally that they soon became the highlight of my week. I have a new respect for my body (I can now do things, that I thought two years ago would be impossible), I am kinder to myself and I feel more in control of my body and mind. Yoga is helping me on my journey to rediscover my self, and MariaElenas wonderful mix of affirming advice and yoga poses leave me feeling restored each week. "

Diana C

Every time I attend a Yippee Yoga class I am reminded of the power of yoga. MariaElena skilfully leads her students through a series of poses, breathing exercises and guided meditations designed to heal and nurture the body, mind and spirit. At the end of a Yippee Yoga class I feel strengthened, at peace and full of joy.

I have also had the pleasure of seeing MariaElena teach yoga to children at my school. Her yoga sessions with children are engaging, imaginative and fun but serve the important purpose of balancing the children and equipping them with essential skills. These yoga sessions not only provide the children with enjoyable physical exercise but they help the children to concentrate better and provide them with strategies to cope with life’s ups and downs.
Bill J
I have attended Yippee Yoga classes quite a number of times over the last few years and found them most beneficial. MariaElena is an excellent teacher and it's clear she has a deep passion not only in providing the practical yoga instruction but also in supporting a genuine sense of well-being and positivity to her students. I particularly enjoy her final relaxation meditation at the conclusion of the evening sessions offering great preparation for a good nights sleep!
Tracy C
I have been coming to MariaElena's yoga and meditation classes for about
three years now and highly recommend them. Her classes are warm and
welcoming and are suitable for all levels as she always gives advice and
options. There is always a lovely atmosphere at her classes and MariaElena
always makes herself available if you want to discuss or find out more
about yoga, meditation etc. Her yoga classes are not only a great way to
look after your physical well being but also provide strategies for
dealing with the stresses and strains of every day life. I love her
classes and can't imagine not going to them!
Carol H

I have attended MariaElena’s yoga sessions for many years now and still look forward to every class.
Yoga and meditation have become an integral part of my life and I have MariaElena to thank for that.
She has inspired, challenged and taught me well. Thank you.
Annie W
I have practised yoga at home and in various classes for forty five years, since I was a teenager. Now in my sixties I have spent the last year being taught by Maria Elena Cusick. I can say with complete honesty and total confidence that Maria Elena teaches yoga to an exceptional standard.
Maria Elena teaches us with grace, spirituality and immense physical care, and despite the many varying levels of ability in the group, we are all encouraged and enabled to reach our potential without there being any competition, or sense of inadequacy. It is quite extraordinary for a teacher to achieve such a peaceful and yet deeply energetic result. Maria Elena’s gift is rare.
I could go on and will probably think of other important measures of approval for Maria Elena but suffice to say that there are many in the class I attend who most ably practice ‘head stands’ unsupported and with elegance and whom have only in the last few years had the good fortune to start learning yoga with Maria Elena Cusick.
Rina P
Thank you to Mariaelena for connecting me to myself. I understand now from this practice that I no longer have to search for who I am but be who I am.
A few words will not be able to demonstrate the depth of well being at which I and many others have experienced. This practice sets me up for the rest of my week and let go of anything negative I may have been carrying. I look forward to my practice due to the care and attention given to each participant. Mariaelena allows freedom of expression through practice that draws you beyond the spiritual.
Long may the love and light touch us and keep us bright.
Olivia S
I feel so privileged to have MariaElena as my yoga teacher. She delivers a perfect workout for the mind and body. Her classes are a huge part of my life.
Since my 9 year old child began Yippee Yoga classes, she has week after week, developed a sense of calm and greater control in her life, where once there was anxiety and tension. Yoga is a real 'life skill', and MariaElen encourages participants to take part using her great knowledge, experience, warm personality and passion for teaching others. I'd wholeheartedly recommend Yippee Yoga for anyone.
Maria leads an amazing yoga class. For me, her class takes me into a world of my own which I never new existed, allowing me to feel free and content. I would recommend Maria's Yippee Yoga to anyone from my little sister to my Nan, and would feel confident that they would massively benefit from it both physically and mentally, as well as being sure they would love Maria herself.
I love Maria's serenity and approachable nature and I couldn't think of a better person to have as your yoga mentor.
Tracey G
A friend introduced me to Yippee Yoga classes and I can honestly say that MariaElena is the most inspiring yoga teacher that I have ever had. Her classes are an intense exercise class and therapy in one hit. I always come away feeling at peace and centred and have the best night’s sleep!

I was navigating a particularly difficult time in my life when I first started classes and MariaElena has helped me to get through this, both in her giving of time to me at the end of classes to talk and counsel me and also in the fact that when it became clear to me that it would be difficult financially to continue classes, she kindly let me attend at a discounted rate. She will never know how much this meant to me.
Clair B
I have tried various yoga sessions over the years from Johannesburg to Cape Town, Brighton and now here in a gorgeous little village Buckden. I instantly fell in love with MariaElena’s way of practise. Not only do you feel invigorated and challenged in the sessions but you essentially go on a journey for that period of time, where you learn to accept yourself and let go, reminding yourself to be grateful for all you have and most importantly to sometimes stop and just - breathe. MariaElena amazes me each time –her passion and love for yoga as well as its journey comes through each week by way of her messages and I personally leave the session so much more at peace with me, who I am and my world around me.
Alison GP
...I have been to classes with MariaElena for several years and she's by far my favourite yoga instructor. Every class challenges me more and over time I can see the improvement I make.
Marilyn B
I have continued attending classes with MariaElena because I like her style of yoga and find it suits me as I have been doing yoga for over 30 years. She develops a great atmosphere of relaxation and composure during her classes as well as encourages a team spirit and bonding with various special sessions and occasional extra class gatherings. I have also attended her Meditation classes and found that they were very calming and peaceful. She is passionate about what she does and is always full of enthusiasm and dedication to Yoga and Meditation. Overall she is a great Yoga and Meditation teacher and one of the best I have ever had.
Donna M
Through the philosophy that MariaElana imparts during her classes I feel much calmer, I manage my stress levels much better and am much less reactionary in my day to day challenges. I have found that over the period of time that I have taken part in yippeeyoga classes I am taking what I have learned from them and putting them into my daily life. I breathe better. I remember how precious life is and this affects the way I approach life. I am a better person due to Yippeeyoga and feel honoured that MariaElena is teaching me to live my life in more enriching way.
MariaElena's yoga class is a haven in a sometimes hectic and demanding life. Her classes are purposeful and compassionate; delivered with fun, love and respect for each individual's needs while maintaining clear objectives. I'm 55, still working, and always come away feeling lighter in body and mind.
Dear Miss Cusick
Thank you for your amazing yoga lessons.
Love from Matei (aged 10) xxx
Rachel at Crosshall Junior School
Thank you for teaching me to relax!
From Matei (8) at Crosshall Kids Club
'yoga teaches you that the body is amazing'
"you have been an amazing yoga teacher...thank you" 
from Matei
Customer Name
From Isaac (8) at Crosshall Kids Club
'yoga is peacefulness
yoga is happiness
yoga is 'fun' ness'
Customer Name
From Oscar (9) at Crosshall Kids Club

'yoga makes you feel less stressed'
Customer Name

  From Lola (9) at Crosshall Kids Club
'if you don't do yoga, you do not know what you are missing' 

  From Rebecca (10) at Crosshall Kids Club 
​'yoga teaches you that nice things help you to relax...nature, peace, hope, happiness, balance'

"Thank you so much for teaching me yoga over the last 4 years. I have really enjoyed relaxing especially in May when there was SATs. Thank you".

From Luca (9) at Crosshall Kids Club
'...yoga shows us we are all unique and special...  yoga is about staying happy'  
Custo mer Name
From Kayley  (10) at Crosshall Kids Club I Feel Relaxed
Before yoga: Angry, grumpy, scared, unhappy, hatred
After yoga: Cheerful, calm, relaxed, happy and joyful 

"I have really enjoyed yoga. Thank you for teaching me!"
Jean Raglione-Hall

MariaElena's yoga classes are something not to be missed. After over 5 years of her classes, I am still finding new challenges and so enjoy how she mixes humor and quiet contemplation in the same lesson! Expert at delivering a class that feels just right for every level of ability; there is no danger of feeling silly, unfit or too old! At the same time, you can never let complacency set in as she gently encourages participants to investigate and challenge their perceptions of their limitations. Try yoga with MariaElena for a few months and I'm sure you will surprise yourself with what you can achieve!"


Thank you so much for a wonderful introduction to meditation. You truly are a great teacher - I have thoroughly enjoyed it and know I will continue with meditation!

carol S

"What better a way to start the day than with yoga, especially if you can find a friendly group with a supportive teacher. Yoga makes me feel relaxed and gives me time for me. I would recommend it to anyone."

Judy Pottage

"I have enjoyed all the sessions I have been lucky enough to experience with you and do feel the benefit of your teachings on meditation."

Olivia Clarke

"I think the beginners course is an excellent introduction into meditation...at last I am sleeping better!"

Marilyn Burleigh

"I really enjoy MariaElena's meditation classes and follow-up sessions which are calming and relaxing.  They help me to put things into perspective.  I highly recommend them."

Margaret Halliday

"I wish I had been to this meditation course a long time ago.  It has helped me find balance and peace in my life and to concentrate on things which matter to me!"

Carol Hurrell

"MariaElena is truly inspiring in both yoga practice and meditation. She holds your hand and walks with your along the path until you are ready and happy to go alone.  A great experience - always feel safe."

John Caress

"...your courses are inspirational and life changing; it's a great privilege to be involved".

Diana Brown

"Thank you for your great direction, support, encouragement and inspiring meditation sessions".