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why should I want to meditate?

Because it will positively change the way you live your life; indeed, your very perception of life will be altered.  The changes will be subtle yet powerful. There will be a sense of connection with mind, body and the self. The mind will feel clear and uplifted yet serene. The body will feel energized yet rested. There will be a deep sense of contentment.    

We live in a world where we are constantly searching and filling our lives with ‘things’ that leave us feeling empty. We feel restless and disillusioned as we realize that the ‘thing’ or the ‘person’ that we thought would bring us joy did not bring us the happiness we expected. The void that we feel will disappear once you start meditating.

As you learn to connect with your Self on a daily basis, you will be enriched with the gifts that the very essence of you embodies: love, peace, compassion, creativity, intelligence, patience, intuition but most of all true happiness.

be inspired....

      find true meaning in your life 

                                                  yippee yoga...yippee life!